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FOR SALE by Owner
Estes Park , CO, at Rocky Mountain National Park , 2.657 Acres , Zoned Multiple Family with Development Possibilities. Currently has 8 Rental Cabins.


Cabins FOR SALE Commercial, Colorado, Estes Park. Riverside Cottages 2465 Spur 66.  Also known as  Moraine Park Rd.
Owner 970-586-9633
    Price $475.000.00
Fly Fishing on the Big Thompson River
Commercial CABINS FOR SALE. This property sits at the original entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. The road is now used  as a fishing and hiking trail along the Big Thompson River,  no cars allowed. There is one private lot between us and the park with right of way along the quarter mile  trail into the Moraine Valley of the  Park with views of 14,000 foot Longs Peak.


Year 2002 --Lot Size 2.657 acres. We contracted for up dating of surveying of property. County zoning would permit 8 units per acre. New performance standards would permit 9 -12 units .  More or less units subject to plans presented to planning commission. 


 Riverside Cottages, P O box 2465,  Estes Park, CO. 80517  Call 970-586-9633


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park01.jpg (37125 bytes) viue004.jpg (23434 bytes) vieu005.jpg (27562 bytes)
Rocky Mount.Nat Park Site map,-Elev, 7771.08 Aerial View
See X on Right center Orange-property line; Gray -Hwy Spur 66; Blue-River Shows relationship to park


Total units 8 5 Cabins & 2 Trailers (Cabin # 5 Duplex )
Zoning Multi Family
Lot size  2.657 Acres
Elevation EST. 7500ft


Electric All new 1992 (pole to fuse box's) Under ground
Water City - All new 2000. New tap - meter pit - Lines to cabins
Sewer City - 90% Plastic
Nat. Gas Natural - All plastic-separate meters
Unit #7 Propane -Elect. heat


a004.jpg (83772 bytes) a0010.jpg (19869 bytes)


cabins011.jpg (52237 bytes) cabins011a.jpg (48563 bytes) cabins011b.jpg (51749 bytes)
Left View Center View Right View
Showing #s 7-6-5-4 Showing#s 5-4-3 Showing#s 3-2-1


vieu003.jpg (58628 bytes) vieu002.jpg (66203 bytes) bird001.JPG (33299 bytes)
Big Thompson River views from Property Wood peckers doing the dance
To left going into park  To right Downstream to town


a002.jpg (66930 bytes) a003.jpg (82419 bytes)


cabin001.jpg (66001 bytes)
Cabin # 1--Totally remodeled as of December 1996. Only exterior shell is original. All new Roof, Windows, Doors, Wiring, Plumbing and Heating. One bedroom. Full bath. 530 Square feet.


cyot001.jpge.JPG (10490 bytes) cyot002.jpg (23198 bytes)


cabin006.jpg (66921 bytes)
Cabin # 2--Remodeled in 1987. One bedroom. 310 sq. ft.


a005.jpg (89005 bytes) a006.jpg (58014 bytes)


cabin005.jpg (46752 bytes)
Cabin #3 - Mobile home. 8 X 38--


linda01.jpg (68935 bytes) john01.jpg (72525 bytes)
Big Thompson River, Winter Moraine Park


cabin008.jpg (37029 bytes)
Cabin # 4- Remodeled 1987. New kitchen 1995. New roof 1997-One bedroom. 385 sq. ft.


Mvc-069f.jpg (77121 bytes) a009.jpg (63770 bytes)


cabin004.jpg (61920 bytes)
Cabin # 5 (Duplex) Totally remodeled into two efficiency units in 1995.Only exterior shell is original. All new roof, windows, doors, wiring, plumbing and heating. Plus a 6 X26 Addition on back for 2 new full baths and a laundry or storage area. 588 sq. ft.
bird01.jpg (15490 bytes) bird02.jpg (24899 bytes)
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cabin010.jpg (47031 bytes)
Cabin #6-Totally remodeled in 1992. Only exterior shell is original. All new roof, windows, doors, wiring, plumbing and heating. One bedroom. Full bath . 400 sq. ft.


a007.jpg (76309 bytes) a001.jpg (76830 bytes)


cabin009.jpg (41389 bytes)
Cabin #7-Mobile home,18 X 8,Interior remodeled with standard flush toilet and a 20 gal water heater. Exterior- 2x4 peaked roof added. Propane for cooking & water heater. electric heat.


photo1.jpg (65436 bytes) photo2.jpg (77295 bytes) photo3.jpg (90431 bytes)
Some more photos some with Deer & Elk


We have owned this property since 1990. We do not live on the property but have enjoyed working on it and being neighbors with Rocky Mountain National Park and the Big Thompson River. When we sell this property we well be selling our house and moving on to a new adventure. John & Linda Hanak
Meet some of the neighbors  Be sure to watch their Swift current Video for Spring and Summer views of the neighborhood.
Cabins for Sale, Next to Rocky Mountain national park, Next to the Big Thompson river, Rental Cabins for Sale with developable potential.

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